Investigation Looms After 6-Year-Old Girl Dies On School Bus

Najmah Nash of New Jersey mourns the tragic loss of her daughter, 6-year-old Fajr Atiya Williams, who was nonverbal and wheelchair-bound due to Emanuel syndrome, a chromosome disorder that hinders growth and development.

Despite her challenges, Fajr radiated joy and love through her laughter and bright eyes. The fatal incident occurred on the bus ride to an extended school year program, when her wheelchair harness became tight around her neck. Despite Fajr’s visible struggles, school bus aide Amanda Davila, 27, was reportedly engrossed in her phone, leading to Fajr’s death by suffocation.

Davila has since been charged with manslaughter. The event was captured on surveillance video, and police reports describe Fajr’s violent struggle before losing consciousness. Staff did not notice her state until the bus arrived at school, where they attempted CPR before calling Nash and emergency services. This tragic event has sparked a conversation on the safety of special needs children during their school commute.