Alabama Woman Returns Home after Toddler Highway Sighting

Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russell, a woman from Alabama, has been found and returned home after going missing for two days. Russell had called the police on Thursday to report a toddler she saw walking on the side of the highway. She stopped to check on the child and informed a family member about the situation. However, during the call, Russell’s family member lost contact with her, but the line remained open.

Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement discovered Russell’s automobile with some of her personal belongings in close proximity. Her phone, wig, hat, purse, Apple watch, and AirPods were found, but both Russell and the reported child were nowhere to be found. No additional reports of a missing child were received by the authorities.

A witness provided an account of observing a gray vehicle with a fair-skinned male individual near Russell’s car. Subsequently, the police were informed that Russell had been present in Harpersville, attending to some undisclosed matters. The search for Russell involved the participation of numerous volunteers and law enforcement personnel.

Russell eventually returned home on Saturday and was subsequently taken to a local hospital for evaluation. The police chief mentioned the importance of allowing Russell and her family some time to recuperate before engaging in a conversation to gather further information regarding her period of disappearance.

Throughout Russell’s absence, the reward fund established for her safe retrieval amassed a total of $58,260.95. Crime Stoppers of Metro Alabama contributed up to $5,000, and an anonymous benefactor donated $20,000.


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