Unbelievable Decision on Cocaine Culprit in White House Probe

Lawmakers who were briefed on the matter reveal that the Secret Service will soon conclude its investigation into the discovery of cocaine in the White House. Unfortunately, the investigation is expected to close without identifying the suspect, a move that many find unsurprising.

Despite the White House being equipped with extensive video surveillance and the cocaine being found in the “Situation Room,” the Secret Service has been unable to determine who brought the illicit substance into the premises. The investigation is scheduled to be completed by Friday.

Initially, it was believed that the cocaine had been located in the White House library. However, subsequent information revealed that it was actually discovered in a heavily frequented area of the West Wing or near the West Executive entrance.

During the incident, President Biden and his family were not present at the White House as they were at Camp David. Some Republican critics have accused the administration of displaying little interest in apprehending the responsible individual. They point to Hunter Biden, who has battled addiction to crack and cocaine for several years and faced drug-related charges as early as 18 years old, as the most likely culprit.


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