Police Dog ‘Norbi’ Survives 12 Stab Wounds

Norbi, a K-9 officer with the Troy Police Department in New York endured a vicious assault while apprehending a burglar. In a shocking turn of events, the perpetrator, armed with a weapon, mercilessly stabbed Norbi a staggering 12 times during their encounter. Despite the severity of the wounds inflicted, Norbi is expected to fully recover from this ordeal.

Outside Upstate Veterinary Specialties in Latham, Troy Police Department members gathered to support Norbi. With bandages, Norbi emerged, walking on his own, receiving applause. Determined, he entered a police vehicle for his journey home.

During a pursuit of a burglary suspect, Norbi, alongside his partner, exhibited remarkable bravery by apprehending the suspect. However, this act triggered a retaliatory response, leading the assailant to repeatedly stab Norbi in the chest. Despite the injuries sustained, Norbi’s courageous actions ultimately resulted in the suspect’s capture.

While the suspect faced legal consequences, Norbi received urgent medical attention for his stab wounds. Miraculously, Norbi’s condition swiftly improved, and he was discharged from the veterinary clinic on the same day.

The Troy Police Department commended Norbi’s heroic service and expressed deep gratitude for his unwavering resilience. They confirmed that after sufficient rest and rehabilitation, Norbi will resume active duty.