Trump Files Countersuit Against E. Jean Carroll for Defamation

In response to the not-guilty verdict in a previous trial where E. Jean Carroll accused former President Donald J. Trump of sexual abuse, and Trump has filed a countersuit against Carroll.

During a subsequent appearance on CNN to discuss the case, Carroll commented on Trump’s acquittal by stating:

“Oh, yes, he did—oh, yes, he did.”

Trump asserts that such baseless allegations, spread through mass media, have the potential to harm his reputation.

Carroll’s attorney, Roberta A. Kaplan, asserts that Trump’s countersuit aims to circumvent the previous verdict by the jury regarding the sexual abuse allegations. It is noteworthy that this lawsuit is part of a series of legal actions initiated by Carroll against Trump. One such action is her defamation case, scheduled for trial next year, which is based on Trump’s previous derogatory statements about her.

Despite Carroll’s insistence that Trump’s accusations against her are false and her consistent denial of being raped by him throughout the case, she has continued to assert Trump’s guilt, despite the court’s disagreement with her claims. It is important to note that Trump has not been found guilty in a civil court, where a majority belief in his culpability is sufficient, which sets a lower standard compared to a criminal court, where every juror would need to believe that Trump committed the crime.

In the recent verdict, the jury awarded Carroll $2 million for the misconduct and an additional $2.7 million for defamation and punitive damages. However, the jury found Trump not guilty of rape, indicating that they did not believe Carroll’s account of the alleged event. Trump’s countersuit reflects his determination to protect his reputation and credibility amidst these ongoing legal battles.


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