Taco Bell Worker Pulls Gun On Drive-Thru Customer

According to a report from the Pasadena Police Department, a Taco Bell worker in Pasadena, was apprehended after brandishing a firearm at a drive-thru customer who wished to cancel their order. 18-year-old, Bryan Alexander Carranza, identified in legal documents as a shift lead at the fast-food chain, now faces charges of aggravated assault involving a deadly weapon and illegal possession of a firearm. Although his current bail stands at $20,000, authorities have requested that it be increased to $40,000.

According to Click2Houston:

“The victim had pulled up and was in the process of fixing to place an order, a to-go order, and got a phone call and decided to cancel the order,” Pasadena PD media relations officer Jessica Ramirez said. “As he was pulling through the drive-thru, the suspect just started yelling at him through the window.”

Carranza and the victim had an argument, which is when Carranza pulled the gun from his waistband. The victim called 911.

“While the victim was on the phone with our dispatch center, the suspect came out and began pulling on his door and also punching himself in the face,” Ramirez said.

Police took Carranza into custody without incident and said that he smelled of alcohol. “Something as simple as ordering food that turned into something a lot more,” Ramirez said.

The entire episode unfolded on a recent Saturday evening at the Taco Bell branch located at 302 Southmore Ave. Carranza had been a team leader at the Taco Bell location for two years.