Fatal Uber Shooting: Woman Charged with Murder, Alleges Kidnapping

A woman residing in Tomkinsville, Kentucky, has been accused of murder after fatally shooting an Uber driver in El Paso, Texas. Phoebe Copas, aged 48, asserted that she believed she was being forcibly taken, which led her to take the life of Daniel Piedra Garcia, a 52-year-old driver, during their journey on June 16. However, law enforcement officials have affirmed that there is no evidence substantiating her claim of abduction or diversion from the intended destination. Following the shooting, Garcia sustained critical injuries and was placed on life support until his family had to make the difficult decision to withdraw it.

Initially facing charges of aggravated assault resulting in severe bodily harm, Copas now confronts a murder charge subsequent to Garcia’s demise. Her bond has been elevated to $1.5 million. Reports indicate that Garcia had picked up Copas as his final passenger of the day, intending to transport her to the Speaking Rock Entertainment Center to meet her boyfriend. It was during their journey along U.S. 54 that Copas allegedly noticed a sign indicating “Juarez, Mexico,” which led her to believe she was in the midst of a kidnapping.

After shooting Garcia, Copas lost control of the vehicle and collided with barriers on the road. This incident took place in an area devoid of nearby bridges or ports of entry to Mexico. Reportedly, Copas captured a photograph of Garcia subsequent to the shooting before contacting emergency services.

Garcia, a diligent individual who had recently commenced working as an Uber driver, was described by his niece as both humorous and compassionate. A fundraising campaign has been established to aid his family, and it has already surpassed the initial target of $30,000, accumulating nearly $70,000 at the latest update.