Mysterious Sounds Detected in Hunt for Missing Titanic Submarine

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) reported that a Canadian plane involved in the search for the missing Titanic tourist submarine has detected peculiar sounds beneath the designated search area. This discovery prompted the USCG in the Northeast region to share the information on their Twitter account and send a remotely operated vehicle to investigate the origin of these unusual sounds. Despite extensive efforts, no significant findings have been uncovered thus far. Various agencies are collaborating with the USCG in this ongoing search operation.

To further examine the collected data, the USCG has shared it with experts from the US Navy, who will utilize it to assist in future search plans. The search has already covered a vast area spanning over 10,000 square miles. However, the location of the 21-foot submersible, which carried a crew of five individuals, remains unknown since it went missing on Sunday. The purpose of the submersible’s descent was to explore the Titanic wreckage site, reaching a depth of approximately 12,500 feet underwater. This complex undertaking involves multiple agencies with specialized equipment and expertise.

Chief Petty Officer Robert Simpson denied allegations of tapping or banging sounds originating from the vessel, clarifying that no sounds have been detected from the submersible. The sub had a 96-hour oxygen supply and was expected to resurface on Sunday afternoon. However, the Canadian research vessel Polar Prince, which maintained contact with the sub during its dive, reported it as overdue. The USCG acknowledged the intricacy of the search and acknowledged the necessity for additional expertise and equipment to address this challenging situation.


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