‘Dead’ Woman Surprises Everyone by Waking Up in Coffin

Bella Montoya, a 76-year-old woman from Ecuador, caused a stir when she regained consciousness inside her coffin during the ceremony held to honor her memory. Medical experts had declared the retired nurse deceased, attributing her passing to a possible stroke and heart failure. The country’s health ministry stated that attempts to revive her were unsuccessful, and she showed no signs of life.

While Montoya’s family gathered to pay their respects at a funeral parlor, they were startled by a noise emanating from the casket mere hours after her presumed demise. Gilberto Barbera, Montoya’s son, expressed their profound surprise, admitting, “We were all taken aback.” They swiftly transported her back to the hospital due to her critical state. Medical specialists speculated that Montoya’s heart failure had induced a condition called catalepsy, characterized by muscle rigidity and reduced responsiveness to pain.

Providing an update on Montoya’s well-being, Barbera disclosed:

“At present, my mother requires oxygen assistance. Her heartbeat remains steady. When the doctor squeezed her hand, she displayed a reaction. They assure me that this is an encouraging sign, indicative of her gradual recovery.”

With heartfelt longing, Barbera concluded:

“All I wish for now is my mother’s improved health. I yearn for her to be alive and by my side once more.”

In response to the incident, Ecuador’s health ministry launched an inquiry into the medical professionals involved in Montoya’s treatment. The focus of the investigation will be to review the hospital’s protocols for issuing death certificates. However, no specific details have been revealed regarding the physician who prematurely declared Montoya deceased.