Suspected UFO Sightings Shake Las Vegas Residents

Las Vegas residents were left shaken on April 30 when a police bodycam captured footage of what appeared to be a UFO. It all began when a local resident reported seeing “10ft aliens with large shiny eyes” on their property, as reported by local TV channel 8 News Now.

The bright blue ball of light was seen traveling through the dark sky at around 11:50 pm. Then, 39 minutes after the first call, another resident called 911 to report two unknown entities in his backyard after he saw an object fall from the sky.

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The responding officers expressed their trepidation at the odd events. One can be heard telling his partner that he’s “so nervous right now.” Another noted that he saw a shooting star and now people are saying aliens are in their backyard.

The homeowner who made the second report told police that the entities he saw were about eight to ten feet tall, with big shiny eyes and big mouths. He was adamant that they were not human.

The area of the alleged sighting was searched and witnesses were interviewed, but no new information was found. The LVPD has since closed the case.

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This sighting comes after a former intelligence officer turned whistle-blower recently claimed that the US has a trove of parts and equipment from “non-human origin” UFOs that have crash-landed on Earth. David Charles Grusch said that the US and other nations are also engaged in top-secret operations that attempt to “reverse-engineer” the pieces to create weapons.

Grusch also claims that the information has been illegally withheld from Congress as the government tried to hide the findings, which have been involved in an 80-year arms race to take advantage of the technology.

This incident has left residents of Las Vegas rattled, and it remains unknown what they saw in the sky that night.