Woman Pleads Guilty To 33 Year Killer Clown Murder Case

Three decades after a Florida woman, and mother, was fatally shot by a person in a clown costume the family was finally given some sort of justice. Thirty-three years after the May 1990 killing of Marlene Warren longtime suspect Sheila Keen-Warren plead guilty, even though her lawyers maintain that she is still innocent. In a twisty story Sheila Keen-Warren, the primary suspect all of these years and the new wife to the victim’s widow, plead guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

How It All Started
On May 26, 1990, Marlene Warren had just finished breakfast with her son and his friends when they saw a White Chrysler LeBaron pull into the family’s driveway in West Palm Beach, Florida. They saw someone dressed like a clown emerge from the car carrying two balloons and a floral arrangement. But when Warren answered the door, the clown handed her the gifts and shot her in the face. All before turning around, heading back to the car, and driving away. Marlene Warren died two days later in the hospital but that is where the investigation began.

The Initial Investigation
Back in 1990 police immediately investigated the case. They had even identified a suspect. However, at the time they didn’t have enough for a conviction. That arrest didn’t come until 2017, 27 years after Marlene was killed at her front door. The suspect, Sheila Keen, had been suspected but nothing came of it until 2014.

The Revisit
In 2014 the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office cold case unit reopened the case. They were able to test evidence and examine it as they were never able to before. The Palm Beach Police tracked down witnesses and re-interviewed everyone. Through their new investigation, they came to the same conclusion. It all pointed back to their first suspect 27 years later, Sheila Keen-Warren. However, there was a surprising new twist that worked in their favor.

The Suspect
Sheila Keen-Warren, the long-time suspect in Marlene’s death knew the family but got even closer to them after Marlene’s death. In 2002 Sheila married Michael Warren, Marlene’s widow. It was suspected back in 1990 that they had been having an affair though it was never confirmed and they denied it. Though in the 2014 investigation, it was discovered that not only were they now married, they had been affiliated at the time of Marlene’s death. Sheila used to run a car repossession business in South Florida. Michael Warren, who operated his own used car and rental car business, was one of her customers. The pair even had access to the vehicle the clown drove to the Palm Beach home where Marlene was murdered.

As Of Now
For now, Michael hasn’t been charged, though the Palm Beach Police are not ruling anything out and are still investigating the case. As for Sheila, she has finally been sentenced to 12 years in prison for the murder of Marlene Warren. Even though she maintains her innocence everyone involved is happy to see the murderer behind bars. Sheila will serve her time, minus the time she has already served since her arrest in 2017, in prison.


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