Three American Sailors Lost At Sea In Mexico – Search Continues Weeks Later

The Mexican Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard are scouring a 2,500-mile area at sea in search of three Americans who have been missing for thirteen days. The trio, consisting of married couple Frank and Kerry O’Brien and their friend William Gross, set sail on April 4th from the Mexican port city Mazatlan en route to San Diego. However, no one has heard from or seen them in the 13 days since they set sail.

The Plan
The three planned to travel from Mexico to San Diego, California. They had planned to stop in Cabo San Lucas for supplies on April 6th, but the Coast Guard has no record of them arriving. A mystery of what happened to the three American sailors is stretching the coast now, as the search to find them grows more time-sensitive by the day.

Coast Guard’s Reaction
Commander Gregory Higgins told NBC News on April 17th,

“There is no confirmation they had filled the vessel’s fuel tanks, nor confirmation that they took on food and supplies.”

The Aftermath
While there are no answers, the Coast Guard seems to think whatever happened to the three isn’t good assuming the trio did not have enough fuel or food to be aboard the boat for 13 days. All three are experienced sailors, the O’Briens are even licensed Coast Guard captains. They were traveling on O’Brien’s 44-foot sailing vessel with minimal technology. They are also expected to have experienced winds over 30 knots and 20-foot waves.

The Search
The Coast Guard along with the Mexican Navy are aggressively searching for the trio due to many factors, namely their lack of food, fuel, and the conditions they have likely suffered. However, the trio’s disappearance comes just a month after four Americans had been kidnapped and two of those four being killed – likely by the drug cartels. The three sailors also left from a “do not travel” zone in the Sinaloa state of Mexico. While family of the three has pleaded with the public, they remain that getting the story out there could help find them and bring them home.


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