Illinois Family Goes Missing – Police Urge Public Help

An Illinois family has been missing since February, now authorities are saying they could be in grave danger. The Lutz family, consisting of dad, 44-year-old Stephen, mom, 34-year-old Monica, and sons, 11-year-old Aiden and 9-year-old Nicholas, were last seen on February 10th. After a family member hadn’t spoken to any of the four for a few days they contacted Illinois’ Newton Police Department asking for help locating their family, whom they were worried about – and for good reason.

Who Are The Lutz’s?
The family of four has lived a somewhat sheltered lifestyle. Monica didn’t work or have friends; instead, she spent her time homeschooling her and Stephen’s two sons. Generally the family seemed to be isolated in their own little bubble, all under the control of Stephen. Stephen Lutz, however, has a history of mental illness, violence, and drug use. There was also speculation, signs, and concerns he was schizophrenic. Together these conditions create a not-so-good picture – but it doesn’t stop there.

What Could Have Happened?
While those who knew the Lutz’s are unsure of what the family of four is doing, there is one theory. It all started on January 19th. That day, Stephen was released from jail, after an alleged domestic violence incident had occurred weeks earlier. Part of the stipulations Stephen had for being allowed bail was that he would not communicate with his wife or two sons, or go near or into the family home. Fast forward to February, just days before any of the four were last accounted for Aiden told his grandmother and 20-year-old half-sister Britney (Stephen’s older daughter from a previous relationship) that he had walked into his parent’s room twice to see his dad telling a clown mask he “needed to kill three people.” In specific Stephen supposedly said “I know what I have to do. I have to kill three people. I have to kill my wife first, then Aiden, then Nicholas.” Then on February 10, the same day the family was reported missing, a U-Haul was spotted at the family home and attached to Stephen’s truck. By the 14th, police attempted to locate the family but had no luck. The truck’s tag was caught in several different states, while their cellphones pinged in Indianapolis, Indiana February 11th and in Richmond, Indiana on February 14th.

What Do We Know Now?
As of now, the Missing Persons Awareness Network (MPAN) has been active along with authorities as they are all searching for the family that MPAN now believes is in danger. Gia Wright with MPAN has said she was able to go into the Lutz home where she saw a disarray of clothing strewn about. A warning of something happening as friends of the family has described the home as a normally “immaculately” kept space. It was also reported that Britney, Stephen’s older daughter, said she last heard from Aiden in a text where he told her his family was going on a vacation and that he wasn’t sure where they were headed. Britney also claims she texted her father on February 14th asking if he needed her to take the boys for a couple of days to give him and Monica some sort of break. Which he responded that the boys were fine and that he and Monica weren’t together and he wasn’t allowed to be around them.

Breaking It Down

  • Stephen had been showing signs of schizophrenia.
  • Stephen had just been released from jail, for alleged domestic abuse, with the consequence of not being able to see his wife or kids.
  • Stephen had allegedly, via his son’s statement to family, expressed ideas that he wanted to kill his family
  • Stephen’s 2005 F-150 was seen at the home the day the family was reported missing
  • Stephen and Monica’s phones pinged multiple times from the same area, out of state, after he was supposedly telling his daughter he wasn’t allowed near them.
  • Seemingly after concern was raised about the kids to Stephen by his daughter, the Lutz family’s cell phones were disconnected. The truck was not spotted anywhere, at any time there on out. Seemingly they vanished and have yet to be found.

Newton Police released this poster for the missing family. Photo/New York Post


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