Man Kills Wife, Ruins Family, Gets Plea Deal

On April 11th a man went to jail, where he will be spending the next 22 to 44 years of his life. A woman lost her life. A daughter lost both of her parents.

Elizabeth “Beth” Capaldi was 55 years old when her husband 57-year-old Stephen Capaldi strangled, smothered, and dismembered her in their bedroom last year. On October 10, 2022, while Beth was asleep in the couple’s bed it is reported by authorities that Stephen strangled Beth with a pillow, smothering her, before he moved her body from their bedroom to the basement where he dismembered her. Stephen then disposed of part of Beth in an apartment complex dumpster before burying the rest of her along the Delaware River just two days later on October 12th, the same day Beth was reported missing by family members.

Investigators worked on the case for nearly two months, when they finally took Stephen in for questioning on December 9th. He told detectives that he believed his wife “left on her own accord,” but that didn’t sit well with detectives working the case. Beth and Stephen’s daughter Emma had claimed at the time that the disappearance was uncharacteristic of her mom. At the time Police had also asked Stephen to surrender his phone to detectives investigating his wife’s disappearance. He did, but what they found blew the case apart. Stephen had searched how to get away with murder, how to delete Facebook messages, can you avoid police detection by turning off your phone, can a polygraph be skewed, how to control your dark impulses, and how to disappear and never be found.

As it just so happened, the same day Stephen went in for questioning, investigators found human remains near the Philadelphia International Airport. Those investigators had just so happened to be investigating the Capaldi case. While they couldn’t confirm they were Beth’s then, it changed the case.

Accusations, A Plea Deal, And The Trial
Eventually, police were able to connect the remains near Philadelphia International Airport to Beth, and they were eventually able to link Stephen to it. He also eventually showed police where he tossed some of  Beth’s remains along the Delaware River. Which police were to retrieve. Stephen was charged with third-degree murder and other offenses related to killing his wife of 30 years. However, Stephen got a plea deal. The deal presented to Stephen by Deputy District Attorney Mary Kate Kohler claimed that it would provide the family with “swift closure.” It also provided Stephen with only 22 to 44 years in prison at the age of 57. Meaning he could be out in 20 or so years. He had been convicted and sentenced to serve his negotiated time Tuesday, however, this news has yet to sit right with the couple’s only child, daughter Emma Capaldi.

A Daughter Lost Her Parents
Emma lost her mom, who she described as her best friend, that October day but she also lost her dad. The actions of her father ruined their family and for that, Emma has stated, “He should never be free from prison to finally leave my mother’s memory in peace.”

Emma told the court Tuesday,

“My mother is dead, and my father killed her. I have the love of friends, family, even strangers, but my own father took the person who loved me most.”

“He should never be free from prison to finally leave my mother’s memory in peace.”


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