Missing Texas Woman Found Alive In Sunken Jeep

On Friday, April 7th, Texas’s Marion County Sheriff’s Office dispatch received a call from a fisherman. That fisherman stated he was on the south side of Lake o’ the Pines in southwest Marion County where he was observing a black jeep submerged about forty feet from a boat ramp. That call prompted police to head to the area and investigate the jeep. With the help of a wrecker service, police began to pull the boat out only to notice something moving in the vehicle.

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Finding the Jeep
In the eastern part of Texas at Lake o’ the Pines, a fisherman was on the south side of the lake when he called 911 claiming to see the top of a jeep about 40 feet from the Woody’s Camp boat ramp. Photos show that only a small portion of the hood was visible in the water as first responders arrived on the scene Friday morning. Though they quickly got to work. Police called in a local wrecker service who assisted the officers in getting the jeep up out of the water. Once they started moving the jeep though, they saw something moving in the vehicle. That something happened to be a person who was still alive.

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The Missing Woman
The person in the vehicle happened to be a missing Texas woman, who hadn’t been seen for two days. The woman, whose identity has yet to be revealed, had gone missing two days before the fisherman saw the SUV in the lake. With the help of the wrecker and the fisherman, police were able to pull the woman out of the jeep and “safely rescue” her. She was transported to a nearby hospital where at this time her condition is unknown. Questions were left swirling as the woman was found and rescued alive. Surely there was no way she and the vehicle had been in the water for two days, as it hadn’t fully sunk, so where was she for those two days she had been missing? At this time the community, and the country, will have to wait for answers as the woman’s identity is being preserved and no further information has been released.


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