Utah Father Kills Family, Leaves Behind This Bizarre Message

A father in Utah killed his family before turning the gun on himself back in January. Now, we have new details about the murders as final police reports have been released. In the Utah town Of Enoch, a father killed his wife, their five children, and his mother-in-law before turning the gun on himself. It was a terrible tragedy that unfortunately those close to the family feared as they couldn’t contact them. Now we have new details on the murder-suicide as police released their 57-page final report.

Let’s Start At The Beginning
While the ultimate tragedy took place this past January, in 2023, the build-up was a couple of years, if not longer, in the making. The Haight Family of Enoch, Utah consisted of 42-year-old dad Michael, 40-year-old mom Tausha, 17-year-old Macie Lynne, 12-year-old Briley Ann, 7-year-old Ammon Michael, 7-year-old Sienna Belle, 4-year-old Gavin Drew, and Tausha’s 78-year-old mother Gail Earl. In 2020 Macie, the oldest daughter, informed police that her father had committed multiple assaults – one in which he choked her to a point she feared he would keep her from breathing. She had then told police that the violence started in 2017, though her father denied any allegations of abuse in the home.  Tausha had said at the time she did not want to file criminal charges against her husband hoping that Macie speaking out would be the “wake-up” call he needed to straighten up.

After that 2020 altercation with police, it seemed as though the family was on the police’s radar. Though police did not file charges at the time, and the city, child protective services, or prosecutors did not have sufficient evidence to pursue charges against Michael. So, sadly, Michael and the Haight family went on with their lives.

Then, in December of 2022, only two weeks before the murders Tausha filed for divorce. Tausha and the kids all seemed to tell friends how excited they were to be getting away from Michael. However, that never was able to happen.

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Leading Up To The Tragedy
After Tausha filed for divorce her mother had come to stay with the family. This is why Tausha’s mom Gail had tragically been a part of the murders. Just days before the murders, Michael removed all other guns from the home, which is now assumed to have been Michael’s attempt at making sure nothing could stop the attacks. Just days before the murders Michael had allegedly made several Google searches asking, “How loud is a 9mm gunshot,” and “How loud is a 40mm pistol,” along with other related questions. It was also discovered, in the 57-page report that days before the murders Michael posted in an online forum, “If you heard a single gunshot in your neighborhood at night, would you immediately recognize it as such? Would you, either way, be alerted enough to call the police, or would you chalk it up to being just another sound in the night?” Not only did he post on this forum, but he also spent several hours scanning through searches and reading articles about murder cases.

The Day Of The The Murders
Michael, who the family wanted out of the home, had moved into the basement. Gail, Tausha’s mom, and the children’s grandma moved in as Tausha was so concerned with Michael still living in the home. The children, at least the two eldest daughters had told friends they wanted their dad out of the home, and were still concerned about his presence. However, at around 3:30 am on January 4th, the family never had to worry about Michael again. A next-door neighbor had later said she had heard what she, at the time, thought were fireworks. Looking back now though she knows what she heard early in the morning that day was actually the gunshots that killed all eight in the home.

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Enoch police were called on January 4th by members of the community for the first time at 11 am when Tausha missed an appointment. Officers went by the home and said it seemed no one was there. Then the police went by the house again at 2 pm when it seemed that Michael hadn’t come into work. That time police looked into the windows and noted the house was secure and nothing appeared visible wrong in the home. At that time, police also called the children’s schools at which point they noted the kids hadn’t shown up to school either. That is when police began trying to reach the family by phone but had no success. Two hours later, at 4 pm, five hours after the first welfare call concerned neighbors forced their way inside the house where they saw the first body and called the police. Officers came and found the family, all dead and in their beds. The 57-page report goes on to report the details of where the bodies were found and exactly how they felt the murders took place. They also released accompanying police footage of their walkthrough in the home. That footage is very graphic – we have chosen not to include the video here – however, you can find it here if you feel you want to watch it. Just be warned.

Friends of the family have spoken out, which was also included in the report, giving even more details into the Haight family’s lives. Michael had been acting strange and had had issues with Tausha spending money. Michael had also made several comments about being fired from his job or planning to leave his job due to claims he was stealing money. Tausha seemed hopeful for her and her children’s future without Michael just days before the murders. Michael on the other hand was planning the murders of his family, though just hours before he recorded a video of his family where he is seen begging Tausha for a second chance – only to be turned down.

Michael’s Stranger Letter
Michael left a bizarre suicide note, in which he blamed his family and their depiction of him for the murders.

“This is nonsense and I can’t handle it for one more day. We will not be a burden on society. I kept asking for help and you wouldn’t listen. I would rather rot in hell than to put up with another day of this manipulation and control over me.”


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