Woman Claiming To Be Missing Toddler Madeleine McCann Gets DNA Results Back

A Polish woman who thought she could be infamous missing British toddler Madeleine McCann has received results to DNA tests showing she is 100% Polish. The Polish woman, Julia Faustyna, has been claiming to be missing Madeleine McCann for the last couple of the months on Instagram and TikTok. These claims have caught the eye of the media and recently she received attention from the McCann family. Faustyna had originally stated on social media that she felt she could have been the missing girl due to similarities in their appearance and age. She then offered to take a DNA test to get answers which was picked up by the news, true crime enthusiasts, and the McCann family.

Who is Madeleine McCann?
Madeleine McCann was a three year old British girl who happened to be on vacation with her parents and younger brother in Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3, 2007 when she went missing. The case has fascinated thousands, and continues to 15 years after little Madeleine went missing.

Madeleine was just days shy of turning four when she was taken from the family’s vacation apartment. That night her parents and some of their friends, who had also been on vacation in Praia de Luz, had left their children in their respective unlocked apartments for the night and traveled just 130 feet away to dine together. According to the parents, they had taken turns checking on all of the children but when it was Mrs. McCann’s turn to check in she entered her apartment and found Madeleine missing. This action set forth more than a decade long hunt for answers.

Who is Julia Faustyna?
Julia Faustyna is a Polish woman who is now 21-years-old, which doesn’t match Madeleine’s age, who began claiming she was Madeleine McCann in February. Julia started posting to an account on Instagram and subsequentially TikTok using the name iammadeleinemccann. These accounts gathered national attention as this case is still one people talk about to this day. Julia claimed that details about her childhood didn’t add up and ultimately she felt she had been abducted as a toddler and had been lied to her whole life. She said that her features matched those of the McCann’s and she had the same eye abnormality as Madeleine. All of which lead Julia to believe, and continue to promote, she was Madeleine.

What is the Latest?
Once Julia’s claims made news, and reached the McCann’s, she took a DNA test to once-and-for-all give her the answers she was looking for. Those answers have now come back, and has ruled she is 100% Polish. This means she could not be Madeleine as the McCann’s are from Britain – ruling out any relation. For the McCann’s, and those following the case, this is a devastation and an answer all in one. It is hard to not get any hopes up over these claims, but it is a realty. With this the family is just one theory closer to answers.

Back in 2020 the German authorities had identified Christian Brueckner to be a suspect in Madeleine’s case. Though charges were never filed against him. Then last April Portuguese prosecutors had an official suspect though that suspect’s name was never revealed.

The McCann’s and the many true crime enthusiasts who have heard this case still remain hopeful. The McCann’s still buy Madeleine birthday presents and still have hope they will find their daughter alive and well someday.


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