Rise in UFO Sightings: Is the Truth Out There? Pentagon’s New Office Investigates Unexplained Objects

Since the Chinese Spy Balloon news broke, more stories about unidentified objects in our skies have surfaced. New objects are seen every day now; that isn’t just a case of the media picking up on them all of a sudden. According to VOA news, the U.S. has had a rise in UFO reports. Just in this last year alone, 510 objects were reported with 366 of those being new reports.

Seen below even is a uniquely unidentified object a passenger saw while aboard a commercial plane.

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The Biden administration has attempted to inform the public that while there had been objects floating in our skies for years the Chinese Spy Balloon was only now caught, along with the other objects they shot down this month, because they updated their search parameters to pick up this activity. And while this might be the case, as we know technology is always being updated and improved, the number of sightings have risen providing another explanation for catching these unidentified objects in our skies.

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Last year the Pentagon opened a new office, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, that focuses on receiving and analyzing all reports of UFO phenomena – many of which have been reported by military pilots. As many of the sightings are near sensitive military installations.

Of the 510 reports the office got in 2022, 144 were reports on objects that had previously been reported while 366 reports were new. Though in the majority of all of the reports, many shared the same defining features such as “unmanned aircraft,” or “balloon-like objects.” Ring any bells?

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The new Pentagon Anomaly office, in specific, is set to investigate objects that move underwater, in the air, in space, or something that moves between those three territories – that pose a threat to the US or its citizens.

Interesting that the way the UFOs are defined is strikingly similar to that of the Chinese Spy Balloon and to those couple of shot-down unidentified objects from the beginning of the month. But it’s happening more and more it seems these days. Maybe it is an update in technology and a new pentagon office that has created a bigger radar for these threats – or there are just more of them now. Would it be a surprise as tensions rise with China?

Makes you think about things for sure. Especially as it has being a more frequent occurrence.


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