An Attack On The First Amendment – The Left’s Attempt At Programming Us

Maybe you can remember how the world was 40 years ago or have heard the stories. I’m sure if you were asked to picture the American dream, your mind would immediately flip to some version of a white picket fence fantasy land where you are your neighbors got along and you were able to be happy. But in today’s reality, the American dream feels more like a utopian movie than anything close to someone’s reality.

The Government Is Trying To Regulate Your Online Speech Again

What has changed the world and made the country what it is today?
One big change is the attack on our first amendment rights. The woke left wants everything to be fair, inclusive, and non-offensive. They want everyone to succeed – even when they haven’t earned it. And it has changed the country.

The way we speak to our neighbors and co-workers, how we interact with others in public, and the expectations we have from our schools and society. Every aspect of the American way of life has changed as we develop the “third eye” the woke liberal left wants us to have to be “better.” But what makes it better?

How Do We Get Our Nation Back on Track?

Think about it.

Think about how you act towards other people outside of your home, how you feel uncomfortable when having to interact with others, how afraid you might be to express yourself, and how you feel AFRAID to live the American dream and cherish American values.

Through the rise of the left’s ideals, like “cancel culture” and divergent views, we have lost the ability to speak freely without being scared for our careers and our images being ruined.

The idea of free speech has shrunk and is hiding in a corner. The New York Times said it best, with “all the tolerance and enlightenment that modern society claims, Americans are losing hold of a fundamental right as citizens of a free country: the right to speak their minds and voice their opinions in public without fear of being shamed or shunned.”

Supreme Court Showdown on Censorship Ahead

What is making us scared?
With every new ideal the left wants us to agree with them and to avoid those who speak out against it – as should be allowed in the FREE country of the United State of America. Those who don’t agree with the left are being punished, fired, and shunned from society as those in power push ahead in a woke, new world.

Worrying about the repercussions of speaking out against ideals that hinder the American way, becomes less “important” when up against basic needs, making money, and surviving.

Religious Freedom Means Nothing If Religion Means Nothing

States against Wokeism
In states, like Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis is directly fighting against the left and “wokeism” as a whole, he is seen as the villain. His STOP Woke Act, which went into effect July 1, 2022, stops the spread of woke ideals from being disseminated into the workplace and schools.

This of course is being targeted, because the left has an idea for the future and it doesn’t include people thinking for themselves or being free in America.


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