Biden Declared “Fit For Duty” After Annual Physical

Biden had his annual physical yesterday and the results left much to be speculated on. The White House physician Kevin O’Connor’s medical memo, released hours after the president’s physical took place, suggested Biden “remains a healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.” Let’s dive into the physical.

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What did the physical say?

  • Biden had no issues with his head, ears, eyes, nose, or throat.
  • He had no resting tremors.
  • His internal organs function as expected.
  • His lungs and chest imaging remain normal.
  • Biden does however have mild decreased heat and cold sensations in both of his feet.
  • He also occasionally experiences symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux. Resulting in having to clear his throat more often – especially after meals.
  • One small lesion on the President’s chest was taken off and sent for a biopsy.

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What the physical didn’t say.

“This physical exam is more significant for what it leaves out than what it actually tells us,” – Fox News Contributor Dr. Marc Siegel said in a segment of the ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ show last night.

The truth is the President’s job is hard, it’s mentally and physically exhausting and it can take a lot out of a person. When that person is 80-years-old, and would be in his mid-80s coming out of a second term, there are many things a physical cannot tell us that we need to know. For instance, Biden’s mental and emotional health is just as important as his physical health – some might argue that in this case, they could be more important.

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Dr. Siegel highlighted Biden’s stiff gait. Stiff gait is defined as a stiff walk with foot-dragging because of a contraction of a long muscle on one side of the body, by Houston Methodist, can be attributed to cognitive problems, brain trauma, a tumor, stroke, cerebral palsy, or a few other medical conditions. Though without any real testing of the brain or such through the use of an MRI, which Dr. Siegel didn’t see on the testing notes, it would be impossible to diagnose properly.

While Biden’s doctors seem to think he is fit to lead and “vigorous” how can they be sure without proper testing? Wouldn’t they need full testing to decide that, confidently?


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