Senator Kennedy After Classified UFO Briefing: ‘Lock Your Doors Tonight’

On Tuesday, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy warned Americans to “lock your doors” following a classified briefing to lawmakers on the unidentified objects shot down over the weekend. While talking to reporters, Kennedy said that the military has not been able to recover any of the remains of the flying objects except for the spy balloon. “We can’t find the remnants, except for the spy balloon,” he stated, adding that the downed objects fell in “very difficult terrain” where low temperatures and inclement weather are making recovery efforts difficult. “The only thing I feel confident saying right now is that if you are confused, you understand the situation perfectly.” Concluding his comments to the gathered media, Kennedy added: “Lock your doors tonight.”

White House: UFO Debris May Never Be Found

The lack of transparency over the recent shootdowns has been a major issue for Americans over the past week. Ten days ago, “we were led to believe that our skies are clear, but now we have unidentified objects and Chinese spy balloons raining down on us like confetti,” Kennedy would later post to his Twitter.

Democrats are also calling for answers, as Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, said that he has “a better understanding” of what happened after the briefing but that “the American people need and deserve to know more.”

“There is a lot of information presented to us this morning that could be told to the American people without any harm to sources or methods or national security,” Blumenthal said.


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