Rep. Zinke Signs On To Impeach Homeland Security Secretary

Representative Ryan Zinke, R-Montana, signed onto the legislation calling for the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in one of his first acts after returning to Congress. The legislation, House Resolution 8, was introduced as one of the first pieces of legislation after Speaker McCarthy had finally been voted in on January 9th. The three-paged bill lists criticisms of the Biden Administration’s handling of immigration and the border crisis. Though its main focus is on Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, and his impeachment.

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While Zinke is one of the newest members to sign on, forty-one other Republicans have signed as cosponsors of the legislation. The legislation was first drafted by Representative Pat Fallon R-Texas, with some of the notable signees being Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs, and even George Santos who could be facing an impeachment of his own.

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According to the Daily Montanan,

Among the list of grievances and concerns are that “5,500,000 illegal aliens have crossed our southern border under the leadership of Secretary Mayorkas. There have now been 20 straight months with over 150,000 illegal border crossings.”

The resolution could pass the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, but is almost certain to fail to convict him because of the Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate.

We will have to see what comes out of this legislation for more answers on Mayorkas’s impeachment. Though for now, we know the legislation surrounding it is getting traction. The other Senator from Montana, Republican Matt Rosendale, has not signed onto the legislation like Zinke though he has attended a panel on the matter, we will have to see if this panel yields any other formal signatures.


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