NRSC Sets Plan For The Next Decade

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has a plan to take the majority. One that MUST be enacted now – or it won’t matter. With a plan to target “red state Democrats” in an attempt to take the only three red state seats available from now through the 2028 election, the NRSC has to act fast. They have a detailed plan in order to best succeed in taking the majority.

“We’re fighting for the control of congress for the remainder of the decade. We have no red states democrats up after this 2024 election cycle, so either we do it now or we remain in the minority for a decade,” – Jason Thielman, the Executive Director of the NRSC.

The NRSC has three main targets, West Virginia, Ohio, and Montana. Each of which has a Democrat in a seat that should belong to the Republican party. These three are also going to be the only three seats in a Republican-led state for the next three elections.

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In Montana, John Tester is up for re-election. And the NRSC is already working on the seat. This will be his first tough race as he has never faced a tough race in Montana in his history. While former President Trump took the state by 16 points in 2020 and 20 points in 2016, it is hard to understand why there is still a Democrat in the state.

Trump also won Ohio by 8 points in both 2020 and 2016, showing a consistent push to the red in the state. Blue collars in Ohio rejected the invasion of the green collars and are now wearing red collars in the state and must keep that mentality as the state fights Senator Sherrod Brown.

Republicans have taken West Virginia since 2000 and yet they still have a Democratic senator. Though Senator Joe Manchin is an institution in Senate he must be defeated this year. One good thing for the Republican party here may be that the Inflation Reduction Act, which Manchin approved, has decreased his approval ratings by 29%.

In addition to the three targeted red-state Democrats, the NRSC is also setting its sights on Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona as these three have been earmarked as the best opportunities to succeed in 2024. While House elections get more votes, if Senate matched them they would have taken these three states no questions asked. Leaving the committee to focus on taking over these states in an attempt to boast their seat count during this next election cycle.

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It is all about the majority, and this is the NRSC’s biggest operation to take it.

In addition to targeting the above six states, the NRSC has a couple more guidelines for its plan.

  • They plan to fundraise harder. The site which is driven by Senator Lindsey Graham will split its funds between the three red states. While Karl Rove will also raise money along with the Majority Makers Fund.
  • They will host hybrid ads. The NRSC will split the cost of ads with the candidate.
  • They plan to secure incumbents, which is a given though it needs to happen to keep the seats the party has.
  • The NRSC also has a requirement for recruiting candidates to run in Senate races. They are targeting candidates who can win a primary AND a general election.

While there are new voters in states like Montana and Ohio, two of the big focuses, those voters are Republican and are set to be targeted to gain more Republican support in these necessary states. In West Virginia and other NRSC targeted states, the NRSC will have to work with what they have to get Democrats out of the seats and take the majority in one of the biggest fights for the majority Senate has ever seen.


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