Top 10 Senate Seats That Could Flip In 2024


Rick Scott as he takes a stance in defending his seat. Photo Edit/ Alexander J. Williams III/ Pop Acta

Florida, and the following state – Texas, are slightly different than the previous eight states on this list. Florida’s and Texas’ seats, that are up for election, are currently being held by Republicans who have said they are both only interested in reelection for their seats. While rumors have surfaced that Senator’s Rick Scott and Ted Cruz could jump into the 2024 run for the presidency, it seems they are fighting for their Senate seats – at least for now.

Top 8 2024 Senate Races Democrats Will Have To Fight To Keep

Senator Rick Scott, and former Florida Governor, who is up for reelection this coming cycle should stay diligent in his campaign. While the state has heavily swayed right in the last few elections, it is a notorious swing state that Biden has targeted to get Democrats fired up on the seat, already. While there is many other states that will need the Democrats focus in order to maintain it is hard to say they would focus on Scott’s seat in Florida – but anything is possible and we need to stay vigilant.