Democrats Take Pennsylvania House Control From Republicans – First In A Decade

Democrats in Pennsylvania have won control of their state House of Representatives. This comes as the state House Democrats bested Republicans in three special elections Tuesday. In which they reached the majority for the first time in 12 years. This ends the monthlong debate over who would eventually take the majority.

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Republicans went into the November general election holding the majority, at 113-89 seats. Though after the election they lost 12 of those seats to the Democrats which brought the House to a tie. Though three of the Democrats’ seats were left vacant heading into session as one member passed away from cancer before the election, and two others resigned after winning. This brought the need for a special election.

Republicans also sought to make a deal in an effort to keep from losing their majority, in which they would support state Representative Mark Rozzi as the speaker (if he changed his registration from Democratic to Independent). Rozzi didn’t change his affiliation though and the Republicans lost their majority.

Now it seems as though the state House Democrats will nominate someone to take Rozzi’s spot, they just have to find a candidate.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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