NJ Councilman Killed Just One Week After Fellow NJ Councilwoman’s Murder

New Jersey council member Russell Heller was found shot in his car at the PSE&G facility in Franklin Township just at 7 a.m. Wednesday. This comes exactly one week after Councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour was killed. While Heller worked for the Milford Borough Council and Dwumfour represented Sayreville the two both served on councils in New Jersey and suffered gruesome deaths exactly one week apart.

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Russell Heller, 51, was gunned down by a former co-worker in the parking lot of the PSE&G energy company where they both had worked. Authorities do have a suspect, which they identified quickly, as the former coworker Gary Curtis. Though police later found him dead in his car, with a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The murder of councilman Heller comes just seven days after Sayreville councilwoman Dwumfour was found dead in her car with multiple gunshot wounds after her car had crashed near her New Jersey home.

Eunice Dwumford, 30, was found shot to death in her car that had been wrecked near her home last week. In this case, police believe Dwumford, the mother-of-one, was the intended target as well. Witnesses have claimed that in this incident they saw a suspected gunman leaving the scene of the crime rather fast, as the 911 call of the incident was placed. There has not been a motive revealed in this instance yet.

NJ Councilman Killed Just One Week After Fellow NJ Councilwoman’s Murder

Dwumford’s murdered remains unsolved, though there has yet to be a link to Heller’s death. Though authorities have said they believe Heller’s death was an isolated event, as he worked with his suspected killer.

Both murders are still being investigated as Dwumford’s death remains unsolved and Heller’s death still leaves questions.

The communities are reeling over the tragedies they have suffered through losing these prominent officials though they are not giving up in their search for answers in either case.