Rep. Juan Ciscomani Delivered This Spanish GOP State of the Union Rebuttal

Tonight after President Biden gave his mandatory State of the Union address to the nation, two Republicans gave rebuttals. Newly elected Representative from Arizona, Juan Ciscomani, gave his rebuttal to Biden’s State of the Union as well as Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Ciscomani delivered his speech in Spanish. As he was tapped to deliver the speech, he commented and said he was “humbled and honored by the opportunity.” He also stated in a press release then that, “my message will be simple and straightforward: The American dream is a dream worth fighting for.”

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Representative Ciscomani started off by stating just a few weeks after being elected to office, in which he is the first immigrant to be elected, he can already tell Washington needs a fresh perspective. He came to this country in search of better opportunities with his family when he was just a child, and in search of the “American Dream.” He stated that he and his wife were able to live that dream, along with their six children and every American that had the chance to achieve their dreams.

After hitting on the American Dream, which we were sure the Representative would cover, he went into his rebuttal. Starting by stating that the country is at a critical point in history, and that we need to fight to keep our values and the possibilities of the American Dream alive. He mentioned that Biden only continues to hurt our families and endanger our way of life.

While the cost of housing is out of control, food is astronomical, and gas prices our out of sight. We are still having issues with the fentanyl crisis. Ciscomani then mentioned these crises are affecting his county in Arizona, and also unfortunately affecting everyone across the country. While Biden wants you to believe that everything is great, the crises we face are only getting worse.

Ciscomani went hard into Biden, as he mentioned that the President doesn’t have clear solutions.

He did however say that House Republicans are already trying to redirect for Americans. In attempts to make American the priority and prioritize a strong economy, a secure nation, a future based on freedom, and a government that is accountable.

Unlike the other Republican rebuttal from Arkansas’ Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Ciscomani went into policy. He hit on the need for Social Security and Medicare, the need for a cut in government spending, a fight on inflation, a stricter boarder security plan, and better drug and human trafficking initiatives. He also hit on education, troops, and creating a more effective military and defending out veterans. He then went into China, and the energy crisis. He hit on police and the need to protect American citizens. But most of all, Ciscomani made sure to echo the point of doing better for American time and time again. And also “doing better” for our citizens and our country.

He ended his speech by bringing it all back to the “American Dream” and how he was shown the possibilities of the country through his parents who brought his family to American in search of a better future. He highlights the uniqueness of our country – the country of opportunities for millions of people – which will continue to be worth fighting for.

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Biggest takeaways from Ciscomani’s speech:

  • Ciscomani very strongly hit on the idea of the “American Dream” and keeping it strong.
  • The Arizona Representative included more policy talk.
  • Made sure to highlight what the Republican vison is and how that differs from Biden’s State of the Union and the Democrat agenda.

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