THESE People Will Be At The State of the Union

Ahead of the State of the Union speech tonight, the White House has released the list of Americans that will be joining First Lady Jill Biden in her viewing box. The White House said that these individuals were chosen to attend, and sit with the first lady, because they each “personify issues or themes to be addressed by the President in his speech, or they embody the Biden-Harris Administration’s policies at work for the American people,” according to Fox News. Bono from U2 will be in attendance, so not sure what police he will be connected to.

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But besides sensationalism, the list includes the following, according to Fox News:

Maurice and Kandice Barron of New York City, whose three-year-old daughter, Ava, survived a rare form of pediatric cancer.

Lynette Bonar of Tuba City, Arizona, an enrolled member of Navajo Nation who has worked to treat cancer patients.

Kristin Christensen and Avarie Kollmar of Seattle Washington, veterans activists.

Doug Griffin, of Newton New Hampshire, an anti-addiction activist.

Saria Gwin-Maye of Cincinnati, Ohio, a union ironworker.

Jacki Liszack of Fort Myers, Florida, the President and CEO of the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce and an elected Fire Commissioner for the Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District.

Brandon Tsay of San Marino, California, the 26-year-old hero who disarmed the gunman responsible for killing 11 people and injuring 10 others at the Monterey Park Lunar New Year celebrations.

RowVaughn and Rodney Wells of Memphis, Tennessee, the mother and stepfather of Tyre Nichols, a 29-year old unarmed Black man who died after he was severely beaten by multiple police officers during an alleged traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee.

Amanda and Josh Zurawski of Austin, Texas, a couple who were unable to receive treatment for an emergency miscarriage because doctors feared they would violate Texas’ anti-abortion law.

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There will also be quite a few controversial guests in the First Lady’s box. Such as Paul Pelosi, the former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband. And Gina and Heidi Nortonsmith, who started the Goodridge vs. MA Dept. of Public Health court case that lead to Massachusetts becoming the first state to legalize same-sex marriage.