Breaking Update: Sen. Daines Twitter Account Has Been Reinstated

Breaking Update:

Since his suspension this morning for reasons many felt were unnecessary and strange, Sen. Daines has since regained access to his Twitter account.

Many are left wondering how a picture of Sen. Daines hunting triggered an unjust ban, and why things of this nature never happen to Democrats.

Original Story:

All was well with Elon Musk taking over Twitter, or was it?

Early this morning, the Twitter account for Senator Steve Daines of Montana was shut down for reasons you won’t believe. It’s insane. Senator Daines is the Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

His Twitter was shut down because he posed for a photo with his wife, Cindy, and an antelope. That’s it. The antelope appears serene as Mr. and Mrs. Daines sit with it.

The Senator and Mrs. Daines are good shots. They frequently traverse Montana’s vast, open lands for wildlife viewing and hunting. Senator Daines is an avid vocalist in support of the second amendment and hunting rights.

Was Twitter scared that the Senator and his wife can hit a bullseye from a long range? Did Twitter worry more about the antelope than praising the man who will fight for our freedoms? Did the Twitter bots get confused and hit the wrong target?

Twitter needs to clarify their stance on what exactly they shut down and the reasons why. Senator Daines and the NRSC has Senators in their targets to retire of get fired. Perhaps Twitter needs to watch where they tread.

Censoring Senator and Mrs. Daines as they share their love of the great outdoors is a violation of our right to free speech.

The deactivated Twitter account of Senator Daines.

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