Americans Demand Answers As State of the Union Draws Closer

Expect Biden to tiptoe around all the issues you want him to discuss Tuesday night as he gives his State of the Union address. While all the branches of the government, media, and the American people watch Biden talk, the president will likely give a much different speech than what we want and what his administration originally planned. After the Chinese Spy balloon situation and with next-to-nothing approval ratings it is predicted Biden will keep his talking points positive for him. Most Americans, especially our readers, will see right through it all. Americans see inflation every day, they see crime rates, they know about the fentanyl crisis, and they are tired of the cheap talk.

According to Fox,

Democrats had complete control of Washington for two years. In those two years alone, they added $3 trillion in government spending. They caused the national debt to balloon to $31 trillion — larger than our entire economy. Under Biden we have seen the worst inflation in 40 years, the worst energy crisis in 40 years, and the worst border crisis in American history.

Besides China, and the spy balloon, Americans have three key issues they are concerned with.

Under Biden inflation has gotten to a terrible extent. Prices have risen by 13%. And as a result of this, the average family lost more than $10,000 buying just what they normally would since Biden has taken office.

Energy Crisis
Since Biden has taken office, the cost of heating oil, and subsequently the cost of utilities, has risen at a rate in which many Americans are falling behind on bills. As soon as Biden took office he reduced the amount of oil the US produced, which began the inflation crisis.

The Border
On Biden’s first day in office, he stopped all deportations, the construction of the wall, and ended the Remain in Mexico policy. Since then more than 4.5 million illegal immigrants have been caught crossing into the US and Border Patrol agents have “seized enough drugs to kill every man, woman, and child in this country.”

State Of The Union: Will Biden Address THIS Disaster?

Now China
Now on top of the three big issues we face, here comes another. The Chinese Spy balloons throw another wretch into the speech’s plans as all the work the administration discussed on the relationship building Biden’s administration and China were doing has been halted by the arrival of the balloons. While we shouldn’t expect to hear any real updates based around China, we will surely not hear about their friendship-building travel trips now.

Though it should be expected that Biden will tout his action of demanding the balloon be shot down, and how that action supposedly came Wednesday – days before the balloon was shot down on Friday – as National Security advisors thought it would be safer to sink it when it reached the ocean.

Whatever the case, Biden has a low approval rating and many Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. If he has any chance at running for reelection, even against Democrats for their party’s nomination, he has work to do on creating a speech that will even scratch the surface.


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