Former FBI Special Agent Weighs In On Chinese Balloon Situation

After confirmed reports of the Chinese balloon craft which flew over U.S. airspace Thursday, many are raising concerns over how the craft got past U.S. defense. Now, former FBI special agent Jonathan Gilliam slams federal agencies like NORAD and the CIA for what he has called a “national security blunder” on Fox & Friends First Friday morning. He told Fox what he thought could be the reason behind the U.S. not catching the craft until it did, and in the way it did.

When asked how the U.S. didn’t catch the situation, Jonathan Gilliam said this isn’t the first time – so how does it happen again?

According to Fox Gilliam said,

I think that’s the question out of all this. I’m not really worried about whether or not they have the ability to jam this thing and its ability to capture whatever it’s looking for. But how did it get over the United States? I mean, we can look at golf balls and see the dimples on golf balls from satellites. We can track meteorites moving at 50,000 miles per hour into the United States, but we don’t have the ability to see a balloon that’s moving slower than an airplane towards the United States before it even gets here. And it really makes you question what is NORAD, the CIA, the NSA, all these people that we believe are able to look and see these things. Space command, this brand new space command. Why couldn’t they have caught this? Because this is a national security blunder. It’s not the first time, admittedly, that they’re saying that this has happened. So how does it happen again? That’s the question it needs to be asked right now.


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