Suicide Bomber Leaves Pakistan In Panic As Mosque Is Attacked

A suicide bomber left at least 34 dead and another 150 wounded Monday in Pakistan. The bombing took place in a mosque in Peshawar, in a compound where the city situated a good amount of its government buildings. The majority of those who died in the bombing were police officers. As the bombing was in a government compound in a high-security zone region with Peshawar’s police headquarters and many other government buildings nearby.

What we know now:

According to Fox: “Sarbakaf Mohmand a commander for the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter.”
Authorities have claimed they are attempting to take those who are wounded to a local hospital.
There are concerns the death toll could rise. As the bomber attacked as more than 300 worshipers were praying Monday morning.
Many inside were injured as the roof of the mosque collapsed.
Peshawar, the capital of its region, has a good amount of Taliban presence and as a result – frequent militant attacks.
The Prime Minister, Shabaz Sharif, has condemned the bombing. He has also promised to take action against those in charge. While the former Prime Minister called the attack a “terrorist suicide attack.”

This is a developing story, if and when we have updates we will share them here.


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