Biden’s Calendar Changes Face Resistance

President Biden has proposed changes to the 2024 presidential election primary calendar that would rearrange it entirely. Under Biden’s new calendar, bigger states would move up and smaller states would move down. Biden has asked that South Carolina become the new first primary state, followed by New Hampshire and Nevada a week later, and then Georgia and Michigan, according to AXIOS.

The first state to vote in the Presidential primary process is typically Iowa. The Iowa caucuses are typically held in early February. Following Iowa, the primary process moves on to other states, with the schedule for these contests being determined by individual state parties. However, New Hampshire traditionally holds the first primary elections.

Though Biden is facing backlash as his plan may not work the way he intended, rather showing his lack of power over the situation. As Georgia and New Hampshire are GOP lead – if they do not move their primaries it would reveal the limits to Biden’s influence. Democrat leaders in the two states have been given an extended amount of time to work on the schedule though there isn’t much they can do when in the minority of lawmakers who want to keep things as they are. If Georgia doesn’t change their primary and if New Hampshire sticks with its status as first to primary, as their state law requires, there could be an all-out rebellion against the White House.

If a rebellion occurs, such that a candidate ran in New Hampshire ahead of Biden’s schedule, it could look bad on Biden if he plans on running in the election himself. Which this whole rescheduling could be signaling, as it would be a big move for any presidential candidate to switch up. Though many are thinking the Democratic National Convention (DNC) could drop the idea of Georgia due to the impossibility of getting the state on their side.

Overall it seems like a really dumb idea, in which Biden seemed to think he could change whatever he wanted using the DNC without thinking about the balance of power and states led by the GOP.