Trump Snubbed and Other Explosive Moments of the Speaker Vote

What About Decorum? Children and Pets On the Floor

Jimmy Gomez with his son, Hodge, at the U.S. Capitol, on Jan. 3, 2023.

After days of votes, some Representatives brought in family members who were in D.C. waiting for their family member to be sworn into office – no matter if this were human or of an animal variety. Rep. Nancy Mace, R-NC, brought her dog Libby into the House with her for the third and fourth days of voting. When the Congresswoman was asked by reporters if her pooch was allowed on the House floor, Mace replied “there are no rules right now.” Though many Representatives had brought flesh and blood family to DC with them for the vote in anticipation of being sworn into office after the votes wrapped up – many unaware it would take as long as it did for those votes to conclude. Democrats Jimmy Gomez of California and Joaquin Castro of Texas were among the members who brought their kids with them to the House floor. As documented on Rep. Gomez’s Twitter he took full duty over his 4-month-old son changing his diaper and feeding him from the Democratic cloak room floor. Poor kids – and pets – having to sit through the multi-day – into the night – vote leading up to their parent’s being sworn into office.