Trump Snubbed and Other Explosive Moments of the Speaker Vote

Byron Donalds (R-FL) Called A ‘Prop’ by Cori Bush (D-MO)

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds was attacked by Democrat Rep. Cori Bush due to the color of his skin and the political opinions he holds, such as backing Donald Trump.

“FWIW, @ByronDonalds is not a historic candidate for Speaker. He is a prop. Despite being Black, he supports a policy agenda intent on upholding and perpetuating white supremacy.

His name being in the mix is not progress—it’s pathetic.”

In a separate Tweet, Bush added, “It’s clear which party promotes white supremacist chaos and which works against it.”

“@CoriBush, if you see a Black man rise, let the man rise even if you disagree with them.

I’d be happy to sit down and debate our policies one on one whenever you’d like.

As a Black man to a Black woman, I’d never do that to you. It’s a shame you did it to me.”