Here Are The Supreme Court’s First Cases Of 2023

In Re Grand Jury

The court’s first case will be one of mystery. This case is actually listed on the SCOTUS website Day Call sheet as No. 21-1397 – In RE Grand Jury gives little information on the case to the public. According to The Hill, “the case arose when a tax firm declined to produce certain documents demanded by a grand jury subpoena issued during a criminal tax investigation into the firm’s unnamed client.” The Justices will hear the case in an attempt to decide if the firm can withhold “duel-purpose” communications” – those intertwined with legal and non-legal advice – after lower appellate courts were split on if legal advice must be the “primary or a significant purpose” justifying whether or not attorney-client privilege could apply.

The federal government has already mentioned that depending on the court’s arguments they may shield documents on accounting and business development that didn’t have a compelling justification for being public.