Never-Kevin’s Starting To Flip In Progress To House Speakership

As the twelfth House Speaker vote gets started Republicans might be starting to flip their vote and support McCarthy.  The first to flip, Dan Bishop, was one of the GOP holdouts who had previously been in controversy for saying he would resign if McCarthy had won. Though many others since Bishop have voted for McCarthy even one of his opponents Byron Donalds, many signaling that the House is ready to go home for the weekend.

His communications director, Allie McCandless had told Fox that “he has been consistently clear that he will be fighting for change in Washington and will continue to serve his constituents in North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District.”

These flips are significant as they show progress for McCarthy and a potential step for the House in finally picking a Speaker.

Though as of now none of the elected House members will not be serving anyone until a speaker is selected. Kevin McCarthy, R-Cali., is the more popular Republican candidate for the speakership though in the past three days and through eleven votes McCarthy has yet to receive the necessary 218 votes to succeed as Speaker and swear the members in to ultimately start legislating. While McCarthy can only have four Republican votes against him to succeed, 20 House members of the Freedom Caucus have consistently voted against him blocking his attempts to take the speakership. There are five dead-set no’s against McCarthy and until one of those five breaks – or Democrat members started voting present – the speaker voting will continue. It will be interesting to see what happens with these five and many others and who will flip.


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