US Postal Services Shuts Huge Number Of Post Offices – Is Yours One Of Them?

Coming out of the holiday season, The United States Postal Services is closing 115 Post Offices across the country – effective immediately. After the USPS closed post offices and suspended delivery services temporarily in several states for this winter some services are just slow. Making hazardous weather not the only issue the Postal Service is dealing with right now. As a result of the winter holiday and staffing shortages, the USPS is just experiencing slow service – as told by the USPS spokeswoman Lecia Hall.

According to MSN, Lecia Hall stated:

“We are just coming off our peak season for mail. Our networks, post offices, and routes were naturally very busy. To meet the daily challenges, we flexed every available resource, including borrowing employees from facilities across the state to match the workload to continue to provide the service our customers deserve…our workforce, like others, is not immune to nationwide staffing challenges, but the Postal Service is aggressively hiring carriers and clerks to stabilize our workforce…we appreciate the patience of our customers and the efforts of employees as conditions change on a day-to-day basis. We apologize to our customers for the inconsistent service and we pledge to do better.”

Currently, the closing post officers are those in three different states, Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. With 19 post offices closing in Nebraska, 21 post offices closing in South Dakota, and 75 closing in Minnesota.

This will not help, many mail complaints have already been pilled up as the country comes out of the holiday season, a typical high point in mail service. And with already extreme delays, closing over 100 post offices will not help get the service back on track.