House Currently Voting For Speaker: Going Into Historic Second Ballot

The House of Representatives is currently voting for the Speaker of the House. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, California, was said to potentially be the Speaker, however, now the race will need to go into a second ballot to find the majority winner and next House Speaker. This is the first time in over 100 years that a second ballot will need to be used. The solution to avoid a second ballot would be for the House to go into quorum, discuss the vote, and come back with a majority. Though after a second ballot whoever gets the most votes could become the Speaker, in an act of avoiding any further delay.

As of now, and until a Speaker is selected, House members cannot be sworn in and will continue to use the Representative-elect title. The Clerk of the House, who is currently presiding over the vote, will continue to head the House until a Speaker is selected.

The voting will continue until a majority is gained for one candidate. This could take days or even weeks depending on how the member-elects vote. Though this will for sure remain close as the votes continue to come in.


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