The Spotify Wrapped Bandwagon – What This Means For Your Data

Spotify Wrapped, Spotify’s popular year-in-review personalized playlist, has gotten so popular that many other companies are starting their own variation. From Grubhub to dating services, a personalized year-end review pop-up has been dished out to many customers, telling a year-long story. And while it had been a popular activity for many to go back through their most popular hits of the year, the trick is to keep it from getting creepy. As showing users that companies have all of their data from the year, could rub some the wrong way.

Big news giants, like Apple News+, and many other news sites, have sent out a list of the number of articles customers read. While gaming platforms, like Nintendo, listed people’s top-played games of the year – no matter who played them. And language learning sites stated how much progress users made on their sites.

Dating apps, like Tinder, jumped on the bandwagon. Showcased a year-in-swipe. Giving users insight into who they had matched with and communicated with. For a – good or bad- look down memory lane.

And delivery firms even got into the action. Instacart and Grubhub revealed a year-in-review of products users had purchased or had delivered to them. It was also a good tool for many to reflect on their shopping patterns.

Oddly enough, no matter where you got your year-in-reviews from, the biggest takeaway could be that all of these companies sit on our dating long after we make searches or purchases, have food delivered, or swipe on dating apps. This data, which can be captured from January on, is stored a full year back in order to make these “fun” little reflecting pages. Are you okay with it when you really sit and think about that? This data isn’t just kept for these reviews in December, their ultimate goal is to boost revenue, and to keep that fact out of our minds we get a fun look back at our year – now from every brand and company we use.