Minnesota Woman Pleads Guilty To Charges Of Sex Trafficking Alongside GOP Strategist

Former Minnesota College Republicans Chair at the University of St. Thomas, Gisela Castro Medina, pleaded guilty after being charged on federal sex trafficking charges alongside GOP strategist and donor Anton “Tony” Lazzaro Monday. After she was arrested last year in Florida, the Minnesota College Republicans severed ties with her. Now, 20-year-old Castro Medina has pleaded guilty to conspiring with 32-year-old Lazzaro to recruit and solicit six minors for prostitution.

It was reported that the two had met on a website called “Seeking Arrangements.” A site that is used by men to solicit sexual relationships with younger women in exchange for money. Though according to the criminal complaint, Lazzaro began talking to Castro Medina and a minor victim on the site before he eventually invited them to his Minneapolis condo in May 2020. When they met at the condo he allegedly gave both Castro Medina and the victim alcohol and paid for sexual activities. Lazzaro then began to continue meeting with the victim at which point Castro Medina would take cuts of the money Lazzaro paid the victim.

Castro Medina and Lazzaro kept in contact throughout his time meeting victims. In addition, Castro Medina told authorities that she knew the victims were minors. She also told authorities that Lazzaro had given victims money along with alcohol, vaping cartridges, food, smartphones, and high-end purses and that he would pay for their hotel rooms and transportation.

Lazzaro also sent Castro Medina cash and Venmo payments, as well as covering her rent and utilities for her apartment, paying her tuition payments, car payments, and travel expenses.

Though, Monday Castro Medina did plead guilty to a count of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors and a count of obstruction. In addition, her plea agreement requires her to testify for the prosecution against Lazzaro.


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