Nevada Intruder Shot Twice By Homeowner

Thursday night 48-year-old Shawn Richard was transported to the University Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada in serious condition after breaking and entering into a home where he was shot in the chest twice by the homeowner. The Nye County Sheriff’s Office reported that Richard had entered the Pahrump, Nevada house and made noise in the kitchen. This alerted the homeowner who took action in the situation rather quickly afterward. As Richard attempted to enter one of the home’s bedrooms the homeowner shot him in the chest, with a handgun, twice.

Richard is facing multiple charges, including home invasion and burglary. He is also facing grand larceny of a firearm and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person as he was armed with a shotgun at the time of the home invasion. Though this weapon he had was stolen the previous night at another home invasion. Richard was also deemed a probation absconder by the NCSO as well.

This is a developing case, as Richard was in critical condition when the story was first reported. It was also reported by NCSO that the homeowner will not face any charges as it was determined that this was a lawful defense of one’s home.

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