Jan. 6 Committee Set To Hold Final Meeting – What Might This Mean

The House January 6 committee will hold what is expected to be its final meeting Monday. They are expected to take action against former President Trump and his allies at that time. After a nearly 18-month probe, the committee comprised of seven Democrats and two anti-Trump Republicans will each present a portion of their findings. Some are also expected to summarize the investigation while others will focus on the alleged ties between Trump staffers and extremist groups that breached the capitol on January 6, 2021.

The committee is expected to present some new evidence, and potentially issue several criminal referrals to the Justice Department, but few believe they will have anything close to a smoking gun to implicate Trump – though this is where eyes will be as the decisions are read.

The committee’s results are sure to be less than accurate as many of Trump’s top congressional allies, Trump’s senior staff members, and Trump himself did not speak before the committee. One representative, Andy Biggs (R-Arizona), defied a congressional subpoena by the committee to sit for a deposition stating, “the committee operated with the same kind of bias present at the Salem witch trials…everyone is guilty and must demonstrate their innocence.”

Another key player missing from the committee’s meetings will be former Vice President Mike Pence. Who even though he claimed he would testify was never called on to appear.

With many key players in the January 6th drama missing from the committee’s minutes, it leaves many to wonder what success could they have found. Though the committee was able to gain access to tens of thousands of documents and conduct nearly a thousand interviews.

The committee is set to end at the end of this Congress’s session unless lawmakers vote to reauthorize it for next year. Though as Republicans are set to take the House majority there is little likelihood this will happen. Many House Republicans have even pledged that once they do take power they are set to investigate the panel’s activities, as some have even stated it has lacked legitimacy since its creation. This is due to two Republican nominations for the committee being shot down by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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