A Major Winter Storm Spread Across The U.S. This Week Bringing In Christmas Weather

A severe winter storm is continuing to make its way across the U.S. as the weekend begins. As it hit the central U.S. and the Midwest with blizzard conditions and freezing rain it spawned tornadoes elsewhere as it slowly moved across states. Due to the storm, over 15 million people were under winter weather advisories and warnings, while around 2,700 flights were canceled Tuesday alone across the U.S. as blizzard conditions, severe thunderstorms, and high winds disrupted travel.

Multiple feet of snow was dumped on the Sierra Nevada, and heavy rains descended on Southern California throughout the week. The National Weather Service issued a warning for flash flooding and blizzard conditions as the storm reached the central plains Monday. The entirety of the region is expected to be impacted for several days, as the storm’s winds and heavy snow hit Colorado and Nebraska forcing road closures. Blizzard warnings are in effect for Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota areas. And by the time this storm system moves off the east coast, it will have dumped a foot of snow, or more, across half a dozen states, as well as spawned tornados in the south and kickstarted a colder, snowier finish to December.

Still to come are the heavy rains and winter conditions for the east coast. Expecting heavy rains and thunderstorms in Texas to Tennessee and Florida. And winter conditions in the northeast. As this storm ends, it will bring a widespread colder-than-average end to the month that should last until Christmas.


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