An F Might Not Be Low Enough To Describe Biden’s Performance This Year

It’s report card time, and Biden’s might leave him in trouble going into the Christmas break. Texas residents recently ranked Biden’s overall performance for 2022 in a recent poll – with a majority of those residents giving him a failing grade. During a recent AP-NORC poll, his approval rating was at 43%, while only 28% of Americans felt that the country was going in the right direction. And let’s not forget his absence on the campaign trail, seemingly because members of his party didn’t want him around.

While a couple of young women gave him B’s citing that he was doing a good job or that he was pushing the federal student debt handout, most gave him F’s.

Those who gave him F’s cited that he wasn’t making strong decisions to progress the county. Or that he was worried about Ukraine more than America. As he has moved quite a lot of resources to Ukraine, as they continue their war with Russia, a few of the comments were appalled that he would worry more about Ukraine’s borders than America’s. As well as being upset that the President was getting our country involved in a war we wouldn’t have much to do with otherwise.

Overall the sentiment seemed to be that Biden was doing a poor job. One even gave him a Z, as he stated “for him to be performing this poorly, I really haven’t seen anything like it.”

To watch the full video check out Fox News here.