Former CNN Producer Pled Guilty To Child Sex Crimes

Former senior producer for CNN, 45-year-old John Griffin, who was accused of child sex crimes has pleaded guilty in federal court after being charged a year ago. Griffin now faces a minimum of 10 years to life in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. Part of his plea deal was that in exchange for pleading guilty the federal government would drop two of the three charges against Griffin. According to the AP he “must pay full restitution to the victims, an amount which will be determined by the court” and “has agreed to forfeit a Tesla vehicle, and electronic items and to donate half of the proceeds from the sale of his Vermont home and the upcoming sale of a Mercedes vehicle into the court registry.”

During his federal indictment trial, he was accused of coercing parents to allow their minor daughters, as young as seven, to engage in sexual activity in his Vermont ski home. Griffin was initially charged with three counts of using a facility of interstate commerce to attempt to entice minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity.

In December, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Vermont wrote that Griffin “sought to persuade parents to allow him to train their daughters to be sexually submissive.”

In multiple instances, he attempted to coerce parents to bring their young daughters to him, or to allow him to sexually train them. He also stated on multiple instances that he believes that women are women and that “regardless of her age,” women “are in actuality, naturally, the dirtiest slut possible, in EVERY metric.”

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