Fauci Admits Disassociation From Social Media While Remaining Heavily Associated

During Doctor Anthony Fauci’s November 23 deposition, which was part of the Louisiana and Missouri lawsuit against the Biden administration and federal officials, he asserted he had disassociated from social media. However, he then admitted he talked to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg about pushing vaccines on the site. He also admitted that one of his daughters worked as a software engineer at Twitter. Since then, the deposition has been released and made public, it can be viewed here.

According to Breitbart, Fauci claimed 174 times that he didn’t recall when faced with “questions on his own personal concerns about “what people might be saying on social media” about the Chinese coronavirus’s origin.” He further claimed that he had disassociated from social media as a whole, and that he didn’t have a Twitter account or “do Facebook.” He claimed, “I don’t do any of that, so I’m not familiar with that. I’ve never gotten involved in any of that.” Though only moments later he admitted to having conversations with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg about the vaccine and having a daughter who worked at Twitter.

Fauci has admitted that he and his daughter do not discuss COVID content as they didn’t discuss stuff that had been posted and because she doesn’t have much of an interest in the subject. Though it should be mentioned that Fauci’s daughter now works for a leftist organization that helps push vaccines on the American public. Leaving reasonable doubt in his statements about his and his daughter’s conversations.

The Attorney General of Louisiana tweeted out about the interaction with Fauci and his takeaways as seen below: