Thanksgiving Day Family Massacre Leaves 2 Dead

38-year-old Yonetsy Montriel Granado has been charged with four felonies after turning himself in for a shooting he committed on Thanksgiving day. On Thanksgiving day Houston Texas police responded to a shooting at a residential home in which they found four people, including three adults and one teen, shot. While two were dead, the two injured were transported to a local Houston area hospital to receive treatment. According to HPD Assistant Chief Patricia Cantu, the family had just finished eating their thanksgiving dinner, which they had invited friends to, before the ex-husband of one of the home’s residents and deceased victim came in and opened fire into the home.

Those inside the home began to run into rooms for safety, though it is not clear at this time how many were left uninjured. It is also not clear at this time the relation the family friends had to the family and to the shooter, and if the shooter knew these friends were in the home.

The shooting has been labeled a “domestic-related incident,” though at this time there isn’t a known motive for the incident. Houston police are still actively investigating this case especially after the shooter turned himself in Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, November 25.

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