Tesla Reveals New Humanoid Robot To Take Over Daily Tasks

Friday Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s newest project at the 2022 AI Day. Tesla has been working on new humanoid robots that they are dubbing “Optimus.” Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk revealed that the prototype was put together in six months, and is currently a “rough development robot.” During the presentation, the robot walked on stage, waved to the crowd, and did a small dance. The company then revealed that the robot will be able to do many tasks like watering plants, carrying boxes, and moving items.

While presenting the robot Musk brought out a second robot that would look closer to the final product as it had a Tesla-designed battery pack, control system, and actuators. The AI robot will also be powered by the same software powering Tesla’s AI-powered driver assistance systems in their vehicles.

Musk has said that he hopes these robots will ultimately be able to assist in everyday tasks. He also mentioned he is planning to test them by putting them to work in Tesla factories working up to being able to run errands for humans. While other companies, like Boston Dynamics, have attempted humanoid robots Musk says that these robots cannot make decisions for themselves and lack the ability to be mass-produced at a relatively low cost.

These Tesla robots were first introduced at last year’s AI day, though at that time Musk introduced the concept with a person dressed as a robot. This shows the advancements the company has made to its goals, though they claim they are still far from being able to sell the robots.

When the time comes, potentially in only three to five years, the robots will be estimated to sell for less than $20,000. Though as of now Musk and the company have provided little evidence of the robot doing what it claims it will be capable of as well as it being as cheap as they are projecting.

Read more at Smithsonian Magazine.


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