Reform Advocate Shot And Killed In DC Hours Before His Bill Passed In The City

Criminal justice reform advocate, 32-year-old Kelvin Blowe, was shot and killed last week in Washington DC hours before the city council passed a bill he had been working on. The bill, set to make changes to the criminal code including reducing the sentences for those convicted of crimes in DC, was passed just hours after his death. According to Fox News, “if it is signed by Mayor Muriel Bowser, then it will get rid of most mandatory minimum sentences, expand who is eligible for jury trials, and reduce maximum penalties for burglaries, carjackings, and robberies.”

Blowe was a Marine Corps veteran who struggled with PTSD and drugs after leaving the military. Which led him to a 66-month prison sentence, which inspired him to help others navigate life after incarceration. On the morning of November 15th, he was on his way home from work as a security guard at which time he was shot and killed in the Southeastern part of DC.

DC police said Monday that they do not have any new developments in the case and that they are still investigating.

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